The only meditation seat you will ever need.

Are you in pain every time you sit for meditation?

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Finally, the end of suffering during meditation practice

The meditation seat Nirvani, provides excellent support for your sensitive back. No more back pain during meditation.

"..I had immediate relief of my lower back pain"

The revolutionary design of this meditation seat, will relieve you from back, knee and lower foot pain, during your precious meditation time.

"..I was struggling for years before I found Nirvani"

This is how you place your Nirvani:

This meditation seat is a powerful instrument for meditators and spiritual experience seekers.

"..when I sit on Nirvani, I forget that I have a body"

The patented dimensions and shape of Nirvani, are optimal to allow the body to maintain a totally natural position.

"..the best present for my spiritual friends!"

meditation seat Nirvani

Also suitable for
cross-legged position

Choose Nirvani meditation seat, to:

  • elevate your practice in the powerful kneeling posture (Vajrasana)

  • go for your Vipassana retreat

  • instantly relieve your back pain

  • effortlessly keep your back straight

  • remain in the posture literally for hours

  • also make your cross-legged position extra comfortable

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Before Nirvani, the painful attempts:

No more:

No more:

No more:

Now, Nirvani brings the end of suffering in the kneeling position.

Spiritual seekers sharing their experience with nirvani:

This seat is fantastic. I’ve been using it for 3 days and I can already feel so much opening up around the lower back and root. Lots of spaciousness for the lower energy centres. Highly recommended. Thank you, Satyaprem.

Darren, London

Nirvani is a really comfortable prop, especially for people that meditate longer time. It helps you to seat comfortably and stay peacefully in your position without moving your body for more than an hour. Really amazing!

Highly recommended – especially for Vipassana practitioners!

Elena, Athens

Just got back from my 10 day vipassana meditation retreat. No words how much I’m grateful for Nirvani!!! Never in my 8 years experience I had such a blissful and really deep meditation without my lower back and knees pain! Just amazing! Thank you.

Nadiia, Switzerland

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