My name is Satyaprem and it took me four years of testing in meditation practice, to create the final, elegantly practical design of Nirvani.

Back pain. In the beginning of my spiritual journey more than 15 years ago, I spent hundreds of hours trying to overcome frustration and go into meditation. Before even trying to make the mind silent, I was struggling with back pain, knee pain and general discomfort. Why? Because my body was not flexible enough to maintain a meditation posture and be in stillness. I was experiencing extreme pain in my knees and lower back, just by trying to keep my back straight.

This is how it all started. From my need to meditate. From my agony to bring some change in my life. From my determination to give Me the chance to walk the path of wisdom. From my excitement to explore the realms of self-realisation.

back pain - no more

Diving in the texts of meditation, I discovered that the kneeling posture is as powerful (if not even more) and effective as the cross-legged that we are all used to see. The name of the kneeling position is called in Sanskrit “Vajrāsana” the Thunder posture. A simple Google search will convince anyone about its amazing benefits. In this pose, I had no back pain. My back was naturally straight without any effort. No pain in the knees also. However, after 10 minutes, the weight of my body made my ankles numb and I had discomfort.

I started experimenting with various cushions, yoga bricks and any prop I could think of. None was good for more than 20 minutes.

I had to start creating something myself. From scratch. And this, took me four years to bring into completion.

meditation seat Nirvani

The meditation seat ‘Nirvani’ is now a product available to everyone. It is the ultimate instrument for inspiration, relaxation, meditation, digestion of food or intense emotions, imagination, manifestation, intention setting, smile practice, astral traveling, and all the higher experiences of human life. The true value of this artefact will be immediately appreciated by everyone who has suffered back pain while trying to hold any meditation posture for more than 10 minutes.

The meditation movement is definitely part of the new reality. We can already observe the international trend of introducing the practice of meditation in schools.

NIrvani is a truly useful artefact that can and will change the life of its user. A tool to adopt to the new reality. A must-have for the modern meditator of all ages. A trend on its own. There is nothing like Nirvani in the market today. All other similar props are not designed for serious prolonged meditation practice. And its weight is only 500gr. Ready-to-go.

Discover the Secret of Freedom with Nirvani meditation seat.

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You can see my early attempts to create the Nirvani meditation seat: